Plitvice Lakes, national park in Croatia

I always wanted to capture the rich natural colours of Plitvice Lakes.
It was never the case. Until now.

Then I visited Plitvice with family and friends.
1st of November 2013. was partially sunny day..
We were only there for three hours, taking the shorter route.
I hated the tourist passing by, everybody else hated me.
Including my family 😉

That is my first feature film in full RAW video
When I say RAW, I mean RAW.
I lacked the resolution, I lacked fast cards.
I had just the patience, and few seconds for each frame to capture.
It took me too much time to make it work, converting, postprocessing.
It took me several rainy days and one half burned lunch to finish it.

This feature film is fully made of photographs.
It can be therefore called a timelaps, but this is irrelevant for me.
What’s important is that the footage just came alive.

filmed with Canon 650D with Magic Lantern RAW Video module.
various resolutions, various fps
SD card: Patriot EP, SD, Class 10/UHS-I, 32GB

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